Spring 2024 Construction Updates

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Wilson Chapel

The Lodge

Offices and Classrooms

Family Commons and Children’s Library

Williams Center and Green Space

Fellowship Hall



Wilson Chapel

Williams Center

Offices and Classrooms

Virtual Tour

Learn more about the changes coming to different areas of the campus through these videos hosted by Pastor Rich.


Find answers to frequently asked questions related to Renewing the Promise.

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Vision & Projects

Learn details about the campus upgrades that are part of Renewing the Promise.

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“With church attendance and identification with Christianity on a steep decline in our country, it is crucial that vibrant congregations like Peachtree do not lose their impact, their community, and their relevance. To achieve that, we need to invest in the future today.”

August T.

Why is Renewing the Promise necessary?

Peachtree Church has been a cornerstone of the Atlanta community for generations, providing a warm and welcoming space for worship, community, and spiritual growth. We have been entrusted with an incredible gift in this 300,000+ square foot church campus.

As we look to reach future generations, now is the time to prepare our campus for a new century of ministry. Otherwise, we risk these beloved buildings becoming a hindrance to fulfilling our mission as a church, shortchanging opportunities for ministry and growth. The vibrancy of Peachtree Church needs to be reflected in:

  • Refreshed spaces that welcome families,
  • Compelling environments that engage children and students,
  • Flexible spaces for fellowship and adult education,
  • New, welcoming green space to host community celebrations,
  • And a beautifully enhanced sanctuary for Peachtree Church to gather in worship for decades to come.

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Campaign Committee

A significant investment of time and expertise has already been made by committee members of the Renewing the Promise campaign. Years of careful study and in-depth assessments have clarified how Peachtree Church can make the most meaningful and impactful enhancements to our campus at this moment in time.

Jim and Sarah Borders 

Alston and Kitty Correll 

John and Ann Day 

Roy and Barbara Dickson 

Jon and Holly Dwight 

Adam and Molly Fuller 

Tim and Emily Gartland 

Taylor and Shearon Glover 

Andy and Lynn Hamilton

Charlie Heard 

Matt and Anne Park Hopkins 

Tom and Jan Hough 

Paul and Donna Hyland 

Joe and Janet King 

E.G. and Marianne Lassiter 

Nancy McGuirk 

John and Janine McKenney 

Terry and Suzann Moore 

Ross and Mary Mullins 

Neil and Mebane Pruitt 

Robert and Jenny Pruitt 

Teddy and Courtney Russell 

Alana Shepherd 

Bill and Dana Tucker 

Will and Tiffany Wray 

Jimmy and Betty Williams 

Eric and Loretta Zimmermann

Master Plan

Jim Borders

Mike Elting

Jeff Graham

Chip Groome

Donna Hyland

Richard Kannwischer

Rodney Milligan

Bill Tucker

Design Team

Bryan Benitez

Wil Brown

Bill Davies

Vicki Franch

Chip Groome

Mary Hoffman

Hyland Justice

Richard Kannwischer

John Long

Brian Mann

Dan Pattillo

Beth Stevens

Betty Williams


Heather Ellison

Mike Elting

Chip Groome

Charles Hodnett

Richard Kannwischer

Stephanie Kirkpatrick

Jay Madden

John McKenney

Rodney Milligan

Terry Moore

Ginny Nickles

Betty Williams