Children and Students

      Will Children & Family, and Student ministries continue to meet during the construction phase?

      Yes. We will work within the non-affected areas to accommodate the children and students to allow them to meet during construction.

      Where will the entry point be for CFM? Will it be easier to get to for parents?

      Sunday mornings, a redesigned Family Commons space will remain the main check-in location for CFM families. This space will reflect a warm and inviting space for families as they enter our church. The Nest check-in location will remain where it is at the back of the church. 

      What is the vision for Student Ministry in the new space?

      The Summit, classrooms, and Student Ministry offices will be converted in to dedicated student space that reflects the students and is not designed for “mixed-use”. In addition to more space, they will also have the ability to host more small groups and breakout groups (like with Confirmation) with a variety of rooms. In particular, this new Student space will allow a dedicated space for just students as these rooms will be designed with them in mind—focusing on décor and colors suited to them. This change shows our commitment to Student Ministry as they continue to grow.

      What is the vision for the Children and Family Ministry new space?

      Ministerial representatives from each staff are assisting in the design and layout of the space to ensure that the designed space meets their needs. The new design provides more space for CFM including a large worship space that children can gather and a new space for Club 45 (our new ministry for fourth and fifth grade students). There will also be additional classroom space for children’s groups.



      Will there still be a workroom/copier room available to groups meeting on the main campus to make copies?

      Yes. Recognizing this need there will be access to a workroom/copier available.

      How does this building project impact the other outside groups and ministry partners that utilize our church space?

      As Peachtree ministries make adjustments to continue to meet, we unfortunately will not have the capacity to host outside groups and some ministry partners. We hope to reevaluate capacity and space usage in the Fall, and look forward to the potential of welcoming groups back on campus before the renovation is concluded. If you are unsure about the status of your group, please reach out to your Peachtree ministry contact.

      How will Williams Center be impacted? Will we still have that Sunday gathering space with coffee and cookies?

      The integrity of the Williams Center and the Harrington Library remains unchanged following the renovation. During the course of the renovation there will be times, due to construction safety, that access to this space will be limited. We do anticipate the Sunday gathering space, complete with coffee and cookies, to remain and grow! We will be adding in additional gathering space including a coffee bar and terrace that will flow out from the Williams Center to the new green space at the front of the church.

      Will there still be a receptionist in Family Commons to guide guests to the church?

      Yes. We will maintain a position there serving Monday-Friday and then on Sunday to assist visitors/members.

      What happens to Fellowship Hall?

      Fellowship Hall will receive an update and refresh that will include the addition of a folding soundproof partition that will allow the space to be subdivided as needed. The AV/Tech capabilities of the room will also be enhanced. 

      What happens to Wilson Chapel?

      Wilson Chapel will remain in place but will undergo a much needed renovation. The ceiling will be raised while the carpet and painting will be refreshed to provide a brightening of the space. In addition, a stained glass window that was created by the same artisan who designed the Ascension Window will be put in the space as a focal point. We anticipate this space being used even more after a bit of an update.

      How are the Belong Community rooms effected by the changes?

      Belong Community space is becoming consolidated on the 2nd floor directly below the Sanctuary. This change improves wayfinding and creates a greater community atmosphere with all Belong Community space located together. In addition, AV/Tech will be upgraded in the rooms to allow for quality presentations/videos. 

      What happens to the Lodge?

      The first floor of the Lodge will be refreshed and the Canyon will remain unchanged. The Summit, classrooms, and Student Ministry offices will be converted in to dedicated student space that reflects the students and is not designed for “mixed-use”. In addition to more space, they will also have the ability to host more small groups and breakout groups (like with Confirmation) with a variety of rooms. In particular, this new Student space will allow a dedicated space for just students as these rooms will be designed with them in mind—focusing on décor and colors suited to them. This change shows our commitment to Student Ministry as they continue to grow.

      If the staff spaces on the main campus are being converted into new space for Belong communities, where will staff offices move? And will all staff be moved to the same location?

      We are working to create a more cohesive and unified staff working space by relocating all staff to the 3rd and 4th floors. This will allow for easier access to staff and provide an enhanced collaborative working environment.


      What is meant by referring to Renewing the Promise as a 3-year campaign? Is that how long construction will take?

      No. The construction on the Peachtree campus should not take three years. We’re encouraging everyone who is a part of Peachtree to prayerfully consider what they might be able to contribute to Renewing the Promise over the next three years — from May 2023 through April 2026.

      What is the missional piece to this campaign?

      Our church has a unique voice in this community, and we want to speak up. We have identified and vetted several mission partners locally in our city and beyond who are making a difference that will be a part of our missional component. One such partner is a gospel-centric program called Kidz2Leaders serving children of incarcerated parents. Did you know that if you are a child who has one or both parents incarcerated that you are 3x more likely than your peers to be incarcerated? Kidz2Leaders is doing significant work to break the cycle of generational incarceration through a variety of mentorship programs and services. This is just one of the areas Peachtree plans to impact with Renewing the Promise. 

      How can I make my gift?

      All forms of giving that have been accepted at Peachtree Church in the past will be accepted for this campaign. You can choose to make a pledge, made payable over three years (3 calendar years, 4 tax years), or you are welcome to make a gift of stock, cash, etc. It is up to you how you’d like to satisfy your pledge. While we would appreciate you including us in your lifetime giving plans, that gift would not count towards this Capital Campaign. Certain irrevocable gifts can be included in this campaign, and we’d be happy to discuss with you on a case-by-case basis. To make your pledge, visit the pledge page in Touchpoint here.

      How will donors for the capital fund be recognized? Will we be put in to ranking categories?

      We may publish an alphabetical listing of those who supported the Renewing the Promise campaign. There will not be a listing of ranking categories, as every gift will make a meaningful impact to the campaign and future of our church.

      Should I reduce my annual gift to give to Renewing the Promise?

      Please do not reduce your regular annual gift. Your gift to Renewing the Promise is a gift above and beyond your normal annual giving. Our church has a ministry-focused annual campaign that supports our annual budget. We depend upon regular annual gifts to support the daily activities and ministries of our church—without the annual gift our programs and ministry areas would suffer. A gift to the Renewing the Promise campaign should be one given above and beyond your normal annual gift and can be given over a three-year period. We ask that you take time over the next few weeks to assess your financial situation, prayerfully go to God, and consider what you and your family will commit.

      What is expected of me when it comes to giving?

      We encourage you to think about your financial situation as well as your past giving. A capital campaign gift should be above and beyond your normal annual gift/giving. We then ask that you pray about your gift. Listen for God’s words and guidance—leave room for faith. Your financial gift is not just a matter of being of importance to Peachtree—it is a factor of showing a spiritual commitment and commitment to the legacy and future of our church. All that we have is God’s gift to us; it all belongs to Him. This is not just about a financial gift, but about a prayerful and discerning time in how God is working in your life and through you at the church. As a part of our church community, Peachtree values your gift and commitment.

    Green Space

      With the updates to the Sanctuary, main church campus and Lodge, are we making any green initiative changes too?

      Since we are not doing an entire rebuild of the Sanctuary, we are unable to upgrade the building to full “green” measures. However, we are making changes to the HVAC system and adding outdoor green space. These changes will make the church more energy efficient and reduce risk while also increasing our capacity to operate as a church.

      What is the purpose of the outdoor garden space?

      This new added green space will enhance the outdoor appearance of the church while also adding an outdoor event venue space. It will serve as a gathering space for people outside that we currently do not have anywhere on campus. Nothing will change in the Presbyterian Women’s Memorial Garden. In fact, it will feed into the new outdoor green space.


      What will happen to the organ?

      Our current organ will be installed in the updated sanctuary. 

      Most people don’t know this, but our current organ is a state-of-the-art digital organ that provides the beautiful sound we all love without the need for physical pipes. The current pipes in the sanctuary were left for aesthetic purposes when the digital organ was installed, but they don’t serve any musical purpose at this point. 

      Why are we just renovating the Sanctuary space and not building a new Sanctuary?

      In order to be good stewards of the church, after an in-depth assessment, it was determined that building a new space was cost prohibitive and a refurbishment of our current space could fulfill the objectives.

      What will technology look like in the new Sanctuary space? 

      We will have updated video and audio equipment that will enhance the worship experience. 

      Why is the main Sanctuary section not sloped like the side transepts?

      Redesigning the main/large section of the church to slope downward toward the chancel was cost prohibitive.

      Where will our large worship take place during the renovation if we are unable to meet in the Sanctuary?

      Over the Summer of 2023, we will move all worship services to the Summit. When Fellowship Hall is completed in the Fall of 2023, we will be able to utilize that space for worship.

      How long will it take to renovate the Sanctuary and can we continue to worship in that space during renovation?

      When the Sanctuary was first constructed, it took over two years to build. Since then, there have been updates made (like adding the transepts and balconies) which also took extended periods of time. We expect the construction to take 15-18 months. Regretfully, we will not be able to meet in the Sanctuary during any of the reconstruction. We are anticipating being out of the Sanctuary for two summer seasons and hopefully just one Advent and Easter season, but we already have plans for Peachtree Christmas at the Fox Theatre in 2023!

      How many people will the new Sanctuary accommodate?

      The new Sanctuary will have 1450 seats. We are reducing the number of seats in the Sanctuary from 1750. However, of those 1750 seats currently in the space, there are around 400+ that are considered “bad” seats. These “bad” seats have limited to no sightlines of the chancel and/or screens and the audio is distorted and echoes. Sometimes we must think of quality over quantity—especially when considering the worship experience of our members and guests. Rather than approaching this as reducing from 1750 to 1450 seats, think of it as removing the 300 bad seats to allow for 1450 quality ones! 

      Why are we removing the transept balconies?

      Removing the balconies in the transepts allows for a larger and more open feel to the space. In addition, we are able to provide theatre seating which will allow for a much clearer sightline for those who sit in the back sections of the transepts. Opening up the space will also improve the acoustics.

      How does the view of the Sanctuary change when looking at it from Roswell Road?

      The outside of the church building, including our steeple will not change. There will be the addition of the green space which will be installed where the circle/flagpole are currently located. In addition, new sidewalks will improve accessibility and enhance curb appeal.

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