“We’ve been entrusted with the good news of Jesus Christ, and it’s our responsibility and our moment in time to renew that promise for the next generation.”

Dr. Richard Kannwischer

Campaign Breakdown: $50 million

Below is a listing of what makes up each of the areas shown in the graph.

1 | Worship – Sanctuary, Narthex, Wilson Chapel, and New ADA Accessible Entrance

2 | Children and Students – Family Commons, Children’s Library, Children’s large worship space, and Student gathering area with breakout rooms

3 | Fellowship – Fellowship Hall and Williams Center expansion

4 | Systems – HVAC, AV/Tech improvements, freight elevator, roofing, and new restrooms

5 | Staff Space – Relocated and centralized staff offices and meeting rooms

6 | Mission Giving – Dedicated $4 million gift for impactful and transformative mission projects in Atlanta and beyond

7 | Professional Fees – Architect, engineering, and project management

8 | Adult Education – Belong Community and education classroom relocation

9 | Interest – Short-term bridge loan to support construction timing over the of 3-year pledge period

10 | Green Space – Peachtree’s first outdoor gathering space

11 | Campaign – Costs for events, informational meetings, and materials

How Many Gifts Are Needed?

A gift to the Renewing the Promise campaign should be above and beyond your normal annual giving—a prayerfully considered gift.

Our fundraising partner, Coxe Curry & Associates performed a detailed review of Peachtree Church’s past giving records to create our Range of Gifts chart.

Not everyone has the capability to give at the same level, but if we all give sacrificially, we will meet our goal of $50 million.