August and Jonathan Trammell

Impact, Community, and Relevance

12 years ago, when August and Jonathan Trammell were planning their wedding, they explored what kind of community they would need for their faith journey together. Drawn by a deep sense of community, they chose Peachtree as their church home.

August shares, “Like many young couples, we struggled in our marriage a few years in and sought couples counseling at LifeGate. We still talk about how that Christ-centered counseling was a significant moment that allowed us to develop tools that we still use in our marriage every day. The church was there for us.”

When someone asks August about Peachtree, the first thing she talks about is the work that Peachtree does for ministries in Atlanta. “Through the work of our church, lives are being changed. That impact is huge – and it all started by hearts being stirred within the halls and walls of our church.”

August continues, “My hope and dream for the future of Peachtree is for the church to continue to have an environment, both physically and spiritually, that draws in and keeps young families engaged. With church attendance and identification with Christianity on a steep decline in our country, it is crucial that vibrant congregations like Peachtree do not lose their impact, their community, and their relevance. To achieve that, we need to invest in the future today.”